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Drivers Education Program
AAPEX Driving Academy is a Ministry of Transportation approved beginner driver education course provider.
Private Lessons
For students & seniors who want the quality instruction that AAPEX offers but don't need/want a certificate.
Winter Driving
Stay safe on icy and snowy roads
Be prepared, Be safe
Nervous, need confidence?
G2 Road Test Prep
Find out if you’re ready. Aapex provides full assessment for students and seniors BEFORE the TEST. Need a car? Appex can help.
G Road Test Prep
Are you ready? We all pick up bad habits. Aapex can help you pinpoint your weak areas and provide guidance, for corrections BEFORE the Test.
Senior Refresher Package
Are you concerned about retesting? Are you concerned with a loved one's abilities? AAPEX INSTRUCTORS are here to help with assessments and retraining.

Win $200 off your course fee!

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